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Kids just love to run run run!!!! and what better place to do it than your local playground.

We have New Zealands most Comprehensive collection  & ease of use site to find your local Playground, this means you can spend less time finding out what ones to go to and more time with your kids out there playing.

With almost evey Playground In NZ, there is no sortage of options to choose from.  

We love taking our kids to new playgrounds all the time, they love it.


It is our aim to help you get out there and enjoy the best quality playtime with your kids. Time is precious and you don't have time to drive from one to the next to see if its suitable. With Places New Zelanads Playground Search you no longer have to, no matter where you are in the country.. 


If you have photos of your local playground please contribute them, so others can make informed choices and share the joy of spending quality time with there kids on the playgrounds thoughout New Zealand, I know our kids would love to see and visit more of them, and I'm sure others would as well.


Of course, we also believe a playground is not just about taking the kids somewhere to run off some steam, it’s also a time for parents to take five, and spend some time with the kids, enjoy fresh air and grass time (yes evidence shows we need to walk in the grass with out our shoes on, now stop reading this, click the button below, find a playground to visit, and get going). 


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Playground Ideas


  • Pack a picnic – some of the bigger playgrounds and parks even have BBQs
  • Take a $2 set of cones and a whistle and have races or create mini challenges for the kids (and you)
  • While they play, read a book and sip on a latte
  • Improve your child’s (and your own) coordination and take a ball or cone and rings and play games that involve throwing, catching or kicking 
  • Take your Pilates mat and do some exercises


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