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Ryan Peterson By Ryan Peterson | 13 August 2020


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Sometimes we all need a little help.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact for any reason, even just to chat ;-) you can do that here**.  ** Otherwise have a look through a few common questions below.

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What are the benefits of joining the Places New Zealand community?

When you join the Places community you will be able to add and download photos & videos, add reviews or create new Places, Activities, Articles, and share a little of your local New Zealand.

How do I join Places New Zealand?

If you are new to Places New Zealand click here, if you have already joined before and would like to log back in, click here.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the login and click reset password, click here.

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How do I add a new Place to Places New Zealand?

Click the (+) icon in the main header menu. Add a photo or video, if no match is found you can create a new Place.

How do I add my photos or videos to Places New Zealand?

There 2 ways to add media.

·      1st click the (+) icon on the main header anywhere in the site, from here you may simply upload your media from any device or computer.

·      2nd when viewing any place, you can click the contribute button. This will add your media directly to the place/activity/article your viewing.

Why are some of the images on Places New Zealand blurry?

Some images are supplied to us in very low resolution, we have decided that a reference image of a place even if the quality is poor, is better than no reference at all.

Updating my Email address

If you really need to change the email address you logged into, please contact

Changing my password

Navigate to your control panel by clicking on your Avatar in the top right of the menu, navigate the menu to Reset Password. Enter your email address and follow the instructions.

What is the core driver behind Places New Zealand that would make you spend 1000’s of hrs of your time and the give it away for free?

Passion for life in New Zealand, our kids, and others.

How is Places New Zealand Funded?

Places New Zealand is mostly funded by passion and for the necessary expenses the kids pocket money, they really aren’t too happy about this, although they are enjoying the trade-off of visiting many playgrounds, beaches and skateparks, that trick can only last so long.

Local support and sponsorship are huge, so thank you, local supporters, we can now carry on with our mission. ‘Shameless’ plug here for any more sponsors that share the same values as our mission, let’s talk. 

You also can purchase a Personal, or Business license to Places New Zealand’s Media library to use in all sorts of ways. Find out more here** **and see how this helps others enjoy Places and Activities around New Zealand.

Can I help support this mission?

Is New Zealand’s grass green... absolutely… Please, let’s talk, contact us here.