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We are passionate about what we're doing here at Places New Zealand, and we know you're passionate about enjoying Places around New Zealand as well. So as a large family how can we help each other continue with this ever-changing landscape?

We're making Places New Zealand’s entire unique, only found here collection of hi-resolution media available at an incredible price. Only $99 for every photo and video in the Places collection. Why! Simply put! Because we just love what we do, and want to share it around with others + it’s a small way to contribute support to getting this mission achieved properly.   A lot of the Places media collection has been shot on high quality gear, and will be great for many uses.

You may have noticed the site is ad-free? We intend to keep it that way, and with the support of local New Zealanders and business sponsorship, we can.

Personal Media Subscription for only $99

You can use ALL Places New Zealand’s Media Collection for your personal use,  that’s 6000+ photos and 100’s videos in full resolution. Use to print large wall art, use favourite place images as screen savers, make gifts for friends and family, enhance your family videos, or school projects, works with any editor, so get creating now.

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Business Media Subscription for only $449

You can use ALL Places New Zealand’s Media Collection for your business marketing, that’s over 6000 photos and 100’s of videos in full resolution. Use on your website, social channels, business promotional videos, listings, short films, long films, documentary’s, news, print marketing, and all of the same uses as personal, so what are you waiting for.

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Our family-friendly site requires a certain kind of supporter, If we share similar values in promoting New Zealand places and activities and providing affordable/free resources to help educate our next generation, then get in touch we would love to talk, we have lots of good ideas to share with you.

Why do we have the option to Donate:

There has already been 1000’s of hours of labor of loves that has gone into the design, engineering, data management, shooting, editing, to get the place category missions off the ground, so you can visually see your local place in detail. And there will be many more as we have only just begun! If you wish to donate to contribute toward the running of the system, every dollar is greatly received and used to further the mission. You can also donate your photos and videos you have sitting around in your back pocket to help achieve the mission, as mentioned above.