Ryan Peterson By Ryan Peterson | 13 August 2020

Details to the Navigation of places is under construction, but what you can expect is listed below.

In the section, we will be covering some basic navigation of Places, and some use cases of how you might like to use PlacesNZ

·      Where and how do I sign in

·      Where and how do I contribute my photos and videos

·      Where and how do I view my media

·      Where and how do I create a new place

·      Where and how do I view places I’ve created

·      Where and how do I write a review

·      Where and how do I purchase the media subscription

·      Where and how do I save favourites

·      Where and how do I view all my reviews

·      Where and how do I view my details

·      Where and how do I change my password

Search Use cases for Places current data set:

·      Mum trying to find a Playground in the Rodney area when planning to go on holiday

·      Mum wanting to know what playgrounds are local in her area.

·      Golfer wanting to know where all the 18 hole golf courses are.