Family Safe

Ryan Peterson By Ryan Peterson | 13 August 2020

Clean, Green and Family Friendly.

Places New Zealand is ‘family-friendly’ in short, we encourage positivity all round and clean visual media.   We take this extremely seriously and is the key reason we approve all content prior to it being made public.   

It’s a huge admin task for us, reviewing every place, article, activity, photo, video, and written word contributed, but we think it’s worth it. 

We want the site to be used by all, including children of any age.  We want parents to feel safe allowing their kids to use, and be inspired to get out and explore NZ. We believe the Internet is a great tool, but it can also be very dangerous, so here at PlacesNZ, we want to give you confidence that this site content is always ‘family-friendly’, ‘G-rated’, ‘clean content’ – a site that is safe for any age. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide negative reviews – whether it be a review about the Place, Activity, the media, or something you are not happy about with the site -  but please ensure the language is all above board. Profanity, nudity, sexual or violent references are not permitted at all.  

This also extends to your image content and avatars – explicit images in any context – Profanity, sexual or violent will declined.

Content Contribution Guides


Nudity, Pornographic or suggestive

Drugs, Smoking or abusing alcohol

Religious focused

Promotion of unsafe or extreme behaviour that has the potential to cause harm

Thanks for your support in keeping things green and clean.

P.S This guide may be altered from time to time, if unsure, submit your content, and we will respond with the necessary feedback.