Places New Zealand's Mission

It’s a Simple Mission Really

Welcome to Places New Zealand!

Our mission is to visually detail every Place of play in NZ so you can see, learn, and go play.  We're personally kicking this mission off with a few topics that are close to heart. Our Playgrounds, Beaches, Skateparks, Golf Courses, and Walks.

We want to inspire people of all ages to get out there and enjoy what NZ has to offer, capture those moments, lock them in time, and share them with generations to come. Join our community and contribute your images and reviews throughout NZ, or subscribe and have access to unlimited downloads of any media on our site.

New Zealand is the ultimate place for this, and the options are endless – You can capture anything you think is worth celebrating and sharing – we have built for like-minded locals. will provide the basis for people to share their images and experiences, provide businesses with a tool to quickly source NZ specific images, and for the education sector, it provides a trusted and clean resource for our students. Read more in our community article.

Of course, we recognise that this is a MASSIVE undertaking, if you read our story we have been slowly working away at this for a little while now, but with a little (okay a lot) of help, we are now opening up places to everyone, so this can be a great resource for many years to come. We're all looking forward to getting out and about this summer that's for sure.

By way of background Places NZ is not simply another blog website – this is a handcrafted, engineered from the ground up, infinitely scalable, and purpose-designed piece of software for mission. 1000’s of hours of thought has been put into this solution to handle everything New Zealand can throw at it, every bit of back pocket media you have lying around of New Zealand. We hope you enjoy using it. Come along for the ride.

One of the key Places NZ values is to be completely Family Safe, meaning that everything on will be personally reviewed before becoming public.

The site is still work in progress and we're still a small family, so if you come across data that’s not quite right, please be patient with us, or help us out by adding your thoughts, photos, videos, or feel free to flag it to us and we will prioritise it, but please know we are working on it,  the places are only going to get better every day.