Kayaking New Zealand


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Kayaking comes in many forms, from relaxing cruising around the coast to dropping of waterfalls, and even long-distance endurance like Kiwi kayaker Scott Donaldson just accomplished (02/07/2018) kayaking from Australia to New Zealand!! Epic.. New Zealand has all and everything in between.

With the stunning vista of the Abletasman, the serenity the Bay of Islands offers, being able to enjoy the water with true peace is something else.

If your into fishing, Personally I have enjoyed my best fishing off a kayak, Paddling out before dawn, not a ripple on the water, no sounds but the lapping of your paddle through the water, watching the sun rise while sitting in the middle of an ocean. You got to be there.

Kayaking really is one of the best ways to explore New Zealand's coast line, your able to get out on the water and go places just not possible with a larger craft.

Many of New Zealand Beaches are suitable for exploring via a kayak. they are light to travel with, and tough to navigate through the rocky shore lines. you can even get pump up kayaks that fit in your bag.

If you love the water and want to go adventuring on a budget, then this could be the way to do it.

There is also many Kayak hire places throughout the country, we will link to them as we go.?


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