The Humble Paper Plane

"The Humble Paper Plane" .

It's incredible what people have managed to create out of a single piece of paper. the mind boggles, yet one of the pinnacles of paper creations would have to be the "humble paper plane" I know for myself hrs upon hrs of fun has been had at home building and flying planes, the kids just love it, theres also a lot of skills that can be taught along the way, aerodynamics, design, importance of accuracy, and patients.

Something that's not often thought about is taking your little flying friends further afield, those little pieces of paper can transform an afternoon into a new adventure.

Big open spaces often have good wind patterns and if you build the right plane and go to the right places, your local park, the coast or even better a hill on the coast, you can find your little plane gets an engine upgrade, getting airtime like you have never seen before.

Try it out, take some paper with you when you next head to the park reserve or beach, search around for hills and get flying.

Remember to collect your planes and take them home with you.


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