Accessible only by boat, but a perfect and quirky resource for Boaties. 

With clothes washing facilities, a bath, a smokehouse, b.b.q. seating right on the shoreline. 

The water comes from the natural stream higher up, is held in a wooden reservoir in the bush and gravitates to a wetback and hot water cylinder heated by a stove in the shed.

Driftwod and dead wood are the only items to be used to heat the stove and within a few hours you can run a bath. 

This is an amazing facility set up around 1960 by Eric Webster, an Auckland electrical contractor, and gradually improved over time.

The bathhouse and associated BBQs, wash tubs, wringers and (yep!) the good old rotary clothes line (embedded in the rocks) are continually maintained with input from yacht clubs and the public.

Smokehouse Bay
Port Fitzroy
Great Barrier Island

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