Fern Flat Waterhole

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Fern Flat a beautiful yet heart racing experience - it has breathtakingly cold water that mixes well with hot summer days.

Fern Flat has a small Waterfall with two naturally formed Rock Slides - not the widest slides but slides nevertheless.

There are three main areas that you can jump from...

1. Fern Flat Road ( Expert )

2. The large Rock on the opposite side of the Waterhole ( Experienced )

3. The top of the small Waterfall ( Beginners )

This is a local gem that is not publicly advertised, but it is open to all who would like to enjoy what the beautiful
clean, fresh water has to offer.

Caution: This is still a dangerous jump. Please exercise caution if you decide to give it go -  not recommended for young children.


  • Swimming

Fern Flat Rd
Far North

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