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Saltwater Baths is located on North Street, Motueka. 

Dog Prohibited Area

Dogs are prohibited on this reserve.There are many places within Tasman District to exercise your dog, both on and off the leash. Dogs are prohibited in several beach and reserve areas, and other areas require leash control.
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At some time during the early 1920s the beach at Motueka was considered dangerous for bathing as there were sharks in the bay. In 1926 money was raised by a gala to enclose an area with galvanised wire.This soon rusted away in the salt water, so in 1938 a pool was built with three concrete walls and wings extending up the beach which made the pool the depth of the high tide. There was no concrete bottom to the pool just the beach sand. Eventually the wings were removed by order of the Harbour Board as it was believed they were causing erosion.In 1950 a Domain Board was formed. The area behind the baths was levelled and grassed, toilets were installed and a short time later the fourth wall of the pool was built.By 1992 the baths had deteriorated badly so once more a committee was formed to upgrade the whole area. A concrete floor was added to the baths with steps at both ends and a paddling pool was included. A floodgate, childproof gates in the fence around the pool, decking on the shore side and a walkway to the beach were also added. In the domain itself a new unit containing changing rooms and toilets was built to replace the old facilities and night lighting was installed.


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