Murumuru Road, Orautoha, Ruapehu


Deep in Whanganui National Park the remote town of Ruatiti boasts many surprises for the adventurous traveller who makes their way here via winding roads.

Mellonsfolly Ranch, a complete old west town is fun park like no other, describing itself as deliberately remote and wild. Activities are outdoors and adventurous. It is built upon the legend of a Mr Mellon who may have struck it rich at a gold claim named Waterfall Mine. The wildness continues into the evening where a colonial courthouse doubles as a movie theatre and Wild West hotel style accommodation is available onsite. TVNZ's Kiwi Living show have made a little film clip, link below.

A hard core of regulars like to camp at the Ruatiti Domain over the summer and enjoy the remoteness, the river, Manganui-O-Te-Ao, which is recognised for trout fly-fishing. All respect the New Year Liquor Ban.

Services however are adequate and extras for visitors include a backpacker hostel, local hunting guide. Check out the accommodation and other nearby attractions, the Mangapura track and access to the Bridge to Nowhere are just past Ruatiti.


  • Fishing
  • Waterfall



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