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Premier Helicopter Whale Watch

Soar above it all on our longest and most exclusive helicopter tour for an unforgettable adventure viewing amazing wildlife and scenery. This 60 minute trip over stunning Kaikoura takes in ocean and mountains in a one of a kind adventure that has you orbiting sperm whales and viewing marine life, then heading to the mountains for an alpine landing for the chance to walk around for incredible views in a remote and rugged location. Slowly orbit and view the entire whale on this extended tour with New Zealand's only helicopter whale watch tour fully permitted by the Department of Conservation.

Your experiences starts in the town office for complimentary transport to the helipads overlooking the Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary. The pilot gives a short safety briefing and informative talk about our year round population of sperm whales and the unique underwater Kaikoura Canyon.

Once the briefing is finished, jump in a helicopter and head straight out over the Whale Sanctuary and Hikurangi Marine Reserve for a chance to view the unique sperm whales. Viewing from a helicopter allows views of the entire whale and maximises time viewing the wildlife while minimising any disruption of their natural behaviour.

After enjoying time viewing the whale, fly along the magnificent coastline and the Kaikoura Peninsula, all the while looking for other marine life in the area like resident playful dusky dolphins and New Zealand fur seals. Head up next to the towering peaks of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Ranges for an incredible alpine landing. Get out and walk around on rugged pristine land with breathtaking vistas of the mountains, peninsula, and oceans from all angles.

Your experience ends back at the helipads where complimentary transportation is waiting to take you back to your hotel or into town.



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