Taylorville Road, Taylorville, Grey

Brunner Mine Industrial Site

Sixty Five men and boys working underground lost their lives here in the infamous Brunner Mine disaster in 1896. Coal was first found in the Grey Valley by the explorer Thomas Brunner in January 1848 on an epic journey with Maori companions exploring the source of the Buller River and places to the south. He was away from his Nelson starting point 585 days. This major West Coast coal mine (1864-1918) was served by a siding over a long suspension bridge (1876) now restored. Also on site are remains of a brick works and coke ovens.
This Heritage Area site is easy to access, see the Department of Conservation site for more information.

Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Interior of the Middle Island of New Zealand.


  • Memorial
  • Monument
  • Lighthouse
  • Bridge
  • River
  • Rock
  • Pergola



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