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Sand Balls

Making sand balls is simple but a whole lot of fun. Make them small, make them large, different beaches will give you different results, getting the right mixture of sand and water will make a stronger ball.

To find the right mixture of sand and water, move closer or further away from the water.

We made these sand balls at Vivian Bay, Kawau Island, below is a list of things you can do with them once you have made some.

Things you can do with them once made:

Shotput: Draw a few lines and see who can launch it the furthest.

Ramp: Make really round smooth balls, then build a ramp and carve a track. See who can get there ball to roll the  longest down the ramp with out breaking.

Rings: Draw a ring to stand in, and as many rings as you like away from you, then see who can land them in the rings.

Darts: Make a small ring, and larger rings around it, like a dart board on the sand, then stand away as far as you desire,  then try shoot the bullseye.

Tag: Chase each other around like ball tag, if your hit, your in.

Splash: Throw them as high as possible to make the bigest splash, the bigger the ball the bigger the splash.


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