Sand Balls


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Making sand balls is simple but a whole lot of fun. Make them small, make them large, different beaches will give you different results, getting the right mixture of sand and water will make a stronger ball. To find the right mixture of sand and water, move closer or further away from the water.


Things you can do with them once made:

Shotput: Draw a few lines and see who can launch it the furthest.

Rings: Draw a ring to stand in, and as many rings as you like away from you, then see who can land them in the rings.

Darts: Make a small ring, and larger rings around it, like a dart board on the sand, then stand away as far as you desire,  then try shoot the bullseye.

Tag: Chase each other around like ball tag, if your hit, your in.

Splash: Throw them as high as possible to make the bigest splash, the bigger the ball the bigger the splash.



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