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Selling fresh fish from the pristine waters of New Zealand since the 1950's

The Mangonui Fish Shop has been trading in fresh fish on the same site for over 70 years. Our shop is only 100 meters from the Mangonui Wharf where we unload whole fresh fish from local boats. Mangonui is a historic fishing village and has a rich fishing tradition dating back 150 years.

The shop which was once a homestead, has been transformed by talented and hard working families and owners over 70 years to become a go to destination for fresh, line caught fish. The Mangonui Fish Shop's unique location, perched on poles just meters over the water is a source of facination for kids and adults alike. While you are waiting for your meal to be cooked, you may see sting rays, john dory, king fish swimming under the shop. We are often visited by the local bronze whaler sharks that use Mangonui as a breeding ground and if you are lucking you may spot a pod of orca (killer whales) swimming by the shop.

Many years ago one of the previous owners of the Mangonui Fish Shop noticed how many foreign tourists were visiting our shop because of recommendations from local people. In a fit of marketing enthusiasm he decided to add the words "World Famous " to the shops name. While we may not be widely known in Paris, London or New York we still get many foreign guests who have heard about the fresh fish, scenic local and cold beer. What mere mortal could resist that combination?

We carry on the tradition by specialising in line caught fish, fished by local fishing boats and skippers who we know by name. These boats unload their whole fresh fish at the Mangonui Wharf which is convieniently only 100 meters away from our shop.

There is no middle man!

We select only sustainable species and we take our whole fish directly from the boat. Much of the catch that is landed by local boats at the Mangonui Wharf is dispatched over night to many over seas destinations such as the Sydney Fish Market, Hong Kong and the United States of America. Most New Zealanders do not get to taste some of the most pristine quality fish from their own back yard. That is why the Mangonui Fish Shop is the go to shop for premium fish.

The Mangonui Fish Shop owns quota shares for species such as Bluenose, Hapuku, Snapper, Tarakihi, Gurnard, and many more. Our shop is allocatted catching rights to the line caught species that we use in our Famous Fish and Chips. Export quality fish at your table.  The only way to get fresher fish is to catch it yourself!

Fish is fish! What's the difference?

Many fish and chip shops offer fish on their menu, but where is it from? Is it line caught? Line caught fish costs up to 30% more than trawled varieties due to it's pristine firm quality and freshness. Is it caught locally and cut from whole fish? Can you see the fish fillets displayed in front of you or is it kept out of sight? Accept no substitutes. At the Mangonui Fish Shop you can choose your own piece of fish from our display every time you order. We operate an open kitchen, with a window cut out to the processing room, so you can see the fish being processed, trayed up, picked out of the display and cooked all while you wait for your meal..

Our team of in house fish filleters work next to our kitchen seven days a week cutting up the whole fish into boneless fillets that we use in our fish and chip meals. Be sure to choose the catch of the day when you next order your fish and chip meal at the Mangonui Fish Shop.


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