Hit & Roll


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Hit & Roll, Bat Down can be enjoyed by all.

you can play this with just about anything, if you have a ball. We have used branches, bottles, off cuts of wood, umbrellas, what ever has been lying around.. but of course you cant beat the old Kiwi kids yellow bat and wickets.

Make sure to grab your bat and ball when next heading out to the park or beach.

The rules vary, but heres some basics: 

You hit the ball further than 2 meters or so and you have to place the bat down, the fielder can roll the ball and if the ball hits the bat you swap out. the ball must hit the bat, if it bounces over you are not out.

Now if you nip the ball 1- 2 meters its a ping. The batter places the bat down, and the fielder has to throw the ball and hit bat on the full, with no bounces.

Now if you nip the ball and its less than 1 meter its a pendulum, this is where the batter holds the bat and swings it like a pendulum, the fielder has to throw the ball and hit the bat on the full.?


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