Fish & Chips


Who doesn't have good memories of sitting by the beach or at a park eating fish and chips?

If you don't we'll we suggest you get your self down to a beach or park near you this summer and make some!!

Good old fashion fish and chips, fresh bread, plenty of butter, and of course a good squirt of tomato sauce.

A Kiwi tradition spreading back more than yesterday. Mmmmm YUM! Melted butter mixing in the sauce, hot salted chips, and fresh bread going all goowie as you savor each bite breathing in the fresh air.

I was somehow expecting to get a fairly definitive list of what would be the best Fish and Chip shop in New Zealand – or even a top 10. It seems despite ‘fish and chips’ being something many kiwi families grew up on at lest once a week it's fairly difficult to lock down a decent list.

So if you know of a good fish & chip place anywhere in New Zealand, let us know and well add it to the list.


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