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We often think that we have to spend copious amounts of money on expensive toys to have fun, now I'm not saying some cool toys that cost lots of coins aren't fun, but remember once upon a time, many moons ago we used to make things and play with them for hours on end.

With literally 100's & 100's of possible things we could do with our time, you wouldn't think it would be a problem to know what to do, but that's just it, its like opening the fridge full of food and going what should I eat? where do you start? what do I feel like today, We are all different and each day brings its own desires.

So with that in mind, we thought a little help wouldn't go astray!. Here you will find an ever growing collection of Ideas of how you can spend your time, and not always Money.

It is our aim to help you get out with your family, friends, or by your self to enjoy this Beautiful country called New Zealand.

To Be Continued...


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