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We often think that we have to spend copious amounts of money on expensive toys to have fun, now I'm not saying some cool toys that cost lots of coins aren't fun, but remember once upon a time, many moons ago we used to 'make' things and play with them for hours on end.


We used to go to the beach or local park, or simply our own backyard only to return inside when its dark, for some reason we always found something to entertain our selves with, boy times have changed!? Let's get real about it, having a back yard is a luxury these days, and the over take of devices rules the inside world.


With literally 100's & 100's of possible things we could do with our time, you wouldn't think it would be a problem to know what to do, but that's just it, its like opening the fridge full of food and going what should I eat? where do you start? what do I feel like today.


This is a serious problem. That is looking in the fridge and not knowing what to eat!!!


"Are we there yet" "Im Board" do people read anymore? or are we influenced only by Videos and Pictures. What ever the case, we're geared up to handle it all.


We know we're all different, and all have different desires, patient levels, and abilities, we're also aware that we spend far too long on devices these days, and not enough time out there enjoying what creation has to offer.


life is busy, we are so busy being busy that some times unintentionally we may forget the important stuff.


Stats tell us that on average we spend only 30mins a day "quality" time with our kids, and over 3hrs loving our devices.. Ouch!!! We have to change before change changes us.


This year, we're changing. Join us for the better as we continue  building this ever growing collection of ideas of how we can spend our time, and places to go to build long lasting quality memories.


Be your self, love life, love all people & enjoy this Beautiful country called New Zealand.


If you would like to Support us / Sponsor us to keep growing this never ending project of love, get in touch now. If we can help it, we're going to try and keep the site free of pop up ads of what you last Googled, or looked at on Facebook… 


Unfortunately it does takes coins to run these internet beasts. So if you would like to Support us, drop (Ryan) a txt on 021 54 88 44, or email we look forward to working with you.


Much Love, the Peterson Family.


Founders of  Places.NZ


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