Hot Water Beach is best visited two hours either side of low-tide. If you arrive at high tide the hot springs will be under water. Spades can be hired at the local shop.

 Hot Water Beach is a very popular attraction, plan your visit in the winter, spring or late autumn to avoid crowds. Or get up early to watch the sunrise as is recommended by the locals.

 Please note the water can be extremely hot, so you need to be careful where you stand. If you want to enjoy the natural springs without the crowds sunrise, sunset and rainy days are recommended.

SURFING: Hot Water Beach a classic surf spot on The Coromandel with a right hand point break and various beach breaks that pick up the best of the Pacific Swell.

SAFETY: Hot Water Beach has very strong currents, dangerous rips and holes which can make it unsafe. Please swim between the flags and make sure children, friends and family are supervised at all times. Information taken from


  • Life Guards
  • Public Toilets

682-793 Hot Water Beach Rd
Hot Water Beach

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