Rere Falls Rere Falls Reserve provides plenty of open space for picnicking, swimming and enjoying the surroundings of the picturesque Rere Falls. It is a popular visitor destination particularly over the summer months. Rere Rockslide About 2km up the road from Rere Falls you will find Rere Rockslide. Listed in AA's Top 101 things to do in NZ - a popular free adventure.? Slide down the giant water slide on a boogie board, tyre tube or air mattress, it's popular for those who like a bit of risk and adventure.? It gets very busy during the summer period.? We advise care especially during low water flow.? Although the rock is fairly smooth, you may still get a few bumps and bruises. The Wharekopae River is also known as one of the best in our district for trout fishing. There are many access points along the road to fish for brown trout. History The Rere Rockslide is a natural feature of the Wharekopae River that has been created over thousands of years as water has worn a smooth rock-face to create a 60m long waterslide, ending in a large swimming hole.

3600 Wharekopae Rd, Rere
How to get there An hours drive from Gisborne city centre on Wharekopae Road past Eastwoodhill Arboretum.? Rere Falls is about 10 minutes past Eastwoodhill.? The Rockslide is about 2km past the Falls.

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