The Queenstown Garden has been a much loved place of recreation and relaxation for local and visitor alike since the first trees were planted in 1876. Oringinally a patch of treeless scrubland, this 12 hectare peninsula was designated crown land in 1866 and placed under the control of the queen Borough Council.The first trees planted were two english oaks (Quercus robur). One of them still stands at the park street entrance. The Queenstown Gardens of today would be barely recognisable to the environmentally conscious settlers who founded the gardens but the natural beauty,unique trees,sporting amenities and history of the park remains a proud legacy.


  • Public Toilets
  • Walkways
  • Skate Park
  • Tennis Court
  • Bowling
  • Dogs On Leash
  • Playground
  • Info Sign
  • Rotunda
  • Rubbish Bin
  • Seating
  • Lake

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