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Dive Kaikoura

All dive tours are fully guided with a dive professional in the water with you, showing you and safely interacting with our fantastic sea life. Topside we have a skipper on board our dive vessels at all times to assist you with kitting up, water entry, and of course, exiting the water as well as ensuring a safe, positively memorable experience. Full dive equipment of international quality is supplied, however should you have any dive equipment with you, that you are very comfortable with (such as a mask) then you are welcome to use your own equipment.

We begin with a dive briefing and the unavoidable paper work, and then have you dress in your dive wetsuit. The dive crew
will set-up your BCD and any other items for you. Then it's down to our dive boat, a safety briefing specific to the dive vessel is given and were off to splash in beautiful Kaikoura! Once the diving is completed, we go back to Dive! Kaikoura for hot and cold drinks (soup is the popular choice!)

What To Bring?
*Bathing costume (togs)
*A towel
*Dive certification card
*Dive log
*A smile

The name Kaikoura literally means to 'eat crayfish'. 'Kai' means food, or, to eat, and 'Koura' means crayfish (lobster). Be careful how you pronounce this, 'Kai' is pronounced 'Ky' and 'Koura' is pronounced 'Kourda' with the'd' being almost silent. Without the'd' the literal meaning is to 'eat bird feathers'! With crayfish (lobster) being sea dwelling creatures you can imagine the abundance of seafood we enjoy in Kaikoura, with all
New Zealander's terming us the crayfish capital; with our abundance of seafood we also have an abundance of reef diving opportunities in Kaikoura.

We are a small peninsula and have a very large sea canyon just 800 metres off our shores, 1 of only 3 areas in the world where a canyon is so close to land; this brings in the bird life, sea life and fantastic plant life. So, whilst you are in Kaikoura you will find golden opportunities of sea based activities from our scuba diving tours to whale watching.


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